For The Treatment of Lymphatic Insufficiency and Venous Insufficiency

Compression Therapy is the gold standard in treatment worldwide for lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

This course covers all the aspects related to the treatment of these conditions: Anatomy, Physiology, Wound Care, Compression Bandaging and Fitting of Compression Garments.


Nurse (RN)

Physiotherapist (PT)

Osteopath (DO)

Doctor (MD)

Massage Therapist (Diploma) that hold a credit in anatomy and physiology and have work experience in the therapeutic/healthcare sector.

Textbook: Lymphedema Management: A Comprehensive Guide For Practitioners by Joachim E. Zuther and Steve Norton

Online Component (60hrs)

Module 1 Anatomy: Circulatory System – Lymphatic System – Topography – Components – Lymphatic Watersheds – Inter Territorial Anastamoses – Regional Lymph Node Groups of Different Parts of the Body

Module 2 Physiology:

Heart & Circulation – Blood Pressure – Capillary Exchange – Physiology of the Lymphatic System – Insufficiency of the Lymphatic System – Edema & Lymphedema – Starlings Equilibrium

Module 3 Pathology:

Lymphedema – Evaluation of Lymphedema – Chronic Venous Insufficiency & Lympho-venous Insufficiency – Wounds and Lesions – Lipedema – Traumatic Edema – Inflammatory Rheumatism – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – Cyclic Idiopathic Edema

In-House Component (75hrs)

Consists of 9 full days and 1 half day tuition (Mon-Fri / Sat / Mon-Thurs)

Morning Session 8h00 – 12h30

Afternoon Session 13h00 – 17h00

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